Poets in the Schools


Page last updated September 15, 2020

The Poets in the Schools program, supported by the Ontario Arts Council, is now open for applications for virtual class visits!

For information about funding general public online events (not school visits), visit this page!

for the 2020-2021 school year:

  • This funding supports poets preparing content for virtual classroom in Ontario primary and secondary schools
  • This funding does not support visits to college or university classrooms
  • League members may apply directly to the program
  • This funding is primarily reserved for Ontario poets, with a limited amount available for poets residing elsewhere in Canada
  • Program rates have increased for the 2020-2021 school year
  • Poet honoraria will be paid 100% by the League for the 2020-2021 school year


Poet’s location: This funding is primarily reserved for Ontario poets, with a limited amount available for poets residing elsewhere in Canada

Payment: This funding is available only for Full Members of the League of Canadian Poets. Poets will be paid $500 per presentation, to a maximum of $3,000, for events before March 31, 2021.

Schools: Poets must have made an initial arrangement with a school to participate in the program but do not have an exact date in place in advance.

Presentation/event: Poets will deliver a presentation for virtual classroom use. Presentations must be a minimum of 20 minutes which can be divided into more than one presentation (e.g. two 10-min presentations or four 5-min readings) excluding exercises/activities.

The virtual presentation should include resources for teachers to use with the class on the presented material. Resources should include a minimum of 5 – 7 questions for the class and 2 exercises related to the presented material.

The virtual presentation will be available for the teacher to present to students on the teacher’s schedule but may also involve a live component keeping privacy and security issues for students in mind.

Examples of presentations:

  • A Zoom meeting between teacher and poet recorded and available for student viewing,
  • A short video to use with the supplementary exercises
  • A live virtual visit on platform like Zoom or Facetime, etc.

The Writers’ Union of Canada has prepared tips for virtual presentations here: https://www.writersunion.ca/virtual-school-presentation-tips

Equity initiative: Applications from poets who self-identify as belonging to one of the Canada Council’s priority groups (Deaf/Disabled, Indigenous, racialized, cultural minority) and/or as LGBTQI2S will be prioritized. As well, priority will be given to partnerships with schools in Northern Ontario.


The virtual presentation must be delivered to the intended classroom(s) before March 31, 2021.

The report on the virtual presentation including the date the materials were presented to the school, the number of students who accessed the presentation, and a link to the presentation and materials must be submitted before final payment can be made.


Applications should come directly from the poet.

Presentations do not need to be scheduled for an exact date in advance of the application. If a presentation does have an exact date, poets should submit the application at least 4 weeks prior, as applications can take up to three weeks to process.

Submit applications using this form — if the link does not work, you should be able to copy and paste this link into your browser:  https://forms.microsoft.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=wD_wl1VCvEKVT6kYKYI83ofFg6KnQGpLnrI5W_OiqixURjJHV1FSQVNYMEZBVzc3MktGNkxRMVA1Ti4u

Please do not follow up on applications before three weeks have passed.

Inquiries can be sent to funding@poets.ca; please allow 2 business days for a response. Please also e-mail funding@poets.ca if you would like to make a phone appointment, as we are only checking voicemail during this time as League staff are all working remotely.