Rush Hour Bus by Rebecca Holand

Poem title: Rush Hour Bus Poet Name: Rebecca Holand Poem begins: 5:10 #4 Thursday  before winter solstice pressed bodies heaving humidity  transient reprieve from tedious rain  Another squeezes on so thin she slices through  the heavy intent for home.  I notice the bag of onions.  Three stops and there’s a seat  skirt hitching to flash thighs  torn fishnets, onions indifferent  their red webbed bag  gripped on black latticed legs. No boots. Then a finger works through a tear in her stocking jabs and digs, stops but returns soon to picking, picking  and I wonder if blood is the goal but she quits at pink  gives a tender rub, adjusts the onions  examines her nails. I never see her face, long  hair falling from bent head  dripping dripping on mesh  on mesh, this mundane day End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Rebecca Holand Rebecca Holand’s poetry considers the fleeting, yielding ‘vignettes of the everyday’. Her degree focused on visual arts and creative writing, which continue to be vital daily activities, even if just as an observer. Ms. Holand is a member of writing groups Harbour Centre 5 and Joy Kogawa House, Vancouver, B.C. Her poetry has been published in Rags, Prairie Journal, Freefall Magazine and Ascent Magazine.