Reading Series and Festival funding

If you are already familiar with our funding programs and you are looking to submit an application, please visit this page.


About the program

Reading Series and literary festivals may be eligible to reserve up to $2,000 in honoraria for 8-16 unconfirmed readers. Honoraria can be disbursed in $125 (less than 10-minute reading) or $250 (solo, or greater than 15-minute reading) increments, and readers must be Full members of the League to receive the funding, but do not have to be confirmed at the time of reservation.


Eligible series and festivals should have the following:

  • A website and/or regularly updated social media page(s)
  • A demonstrated history of event attendance or a clear promotional plan for a new series or festival
  • A dedicated individual who can manage the light administration required for this funding

Series and festivals must be based in Canada, and may be either virtual or in-person.

Funding must be disbursed to Full members of the League.

Honorarium details

  • The host will provide the poet with the information required to receive their payment
  • Honoraria will be paid directly to the poet following the event
  • Poets may receive either $125 or $250 in honoraria, depending on the length of their reading
    • Solo feature: $250
    • Group event with reading longer than 15 minutes: $250
    • Group event with reading up to 15 minutes: $125

Please request only as much as you believe you will need.

Travel reimbursement

No travel reimbursement is available through this funding stream.


Series are limited to reserving $2,000 in honoraria through this funding stream.

Submit an application

To apply to reserve funding, please find information about open application windows and the application form on this page.