Spectral Lines: Visual Poetry Chapbook


A visual poetry anthology.

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From the LCP Chapbook Series

A visual poetry anthology edited by Kyle Flemmer.

Contributors: Christian Bok, Moni Brar, Benjamin C. Dugdale, Sarah Imrisek, Daze Jefferies, Samantha Jones, Eimear Laffan, Mark Laliberte, Carol MacKay, Colin Morton, Cassandra Myers, katie o’brien, Nikki Reimer, Rasiqra Revulva, Dani Spinosa, Kate Sutherland, Grant Wilkins.

From the editor:

What is the difference between looking and reading? Between image and text? Between writing and drawing?

To me, questions about the difference between visual art and visual poetry are more productive than definitive answers. Visual poetry isn’t any one thing. It doesn’t look any one kind of way.

What are the limits of legibility? Of interpretation? Of language?

Language is a field with overlapping strata of signification. The visual aspect of language is entangled with its sound, just as the method of inscription impacts its meaning.

Visual poetry radiates outward in all directions from the question: What does language look like?

Here, you will find poems that make you ask: What am I looking at? Is this a poem? How should I read it? What does writing do? What is it for?

In the end, I hope these poems leave you wondering how many ways there are to play with the visible features of language.