Shouting Inside the Silence by Susan Ksiezopolski

Poem title: Shouting Inside the Silence Poet Name: Susan Ksiezopolski Poem begins: Shout Shout out loud Silence only feeds the demons Hungry for solitude Reach out from inside Where your shattered brokenness Tears you to pieces Your sparkle Snuffed out in the cracked darkness Put a spotlight on the ache of agony That only speaks the language of lies Talking the conversation of nightmares Let the light cleanse Away the debris of pity Open the gate Let your lost voice Get found On the rocky path to unity Ushering you home Back to your self Back to your life No matter how rocky the path It leads to wholeness Listen to your voice Shouting to be heard Shouting to connect You back to your story This is where the Restorative conversation begins In the language of Love and forgiveness Participating in The fullness of life End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Susan Ksiezopolski Previously published in Path to Wellness Anthology, published by the Mississauga Writers Group, 2019. Susan Ksiezopolski an award-winning writer has published two poetry books, My Words and Writing for Change as well as a writing aid The Writer’s Workbook and Fuel Your Creativity a writing journal illustrated by award winning artist Angela Chao. Her poem “When” was published in The Canadian League of Poets’ Fresh Voices 22. Susan was interviewed by the Canadian Immigrant Magazine and featured in their Fusion section, along with her “Canadian By Choice” poem. Her work has also been published in various anthologies, other magazines and on-line platforms. A graduate of Humber School for Writers, Susan has developed and delivers expressive writing workshops across the GTA. Visit for more information, follow her work on Instagram @writewell_2020 or on YouTube.