Spoiler Alert by Carol Casey

Poem title: Spoiler Alert Poet name: Carol Casey Poem Begins: There’s no escaping the constant whirs,  hums, chugs and buzzes of summer,  like birdsong, in variety and nuance,  but less conversation, more dictation, as if to an old fashioned stenographer-  get this down, condense the languorous  signals of summer to shorthand,   We shorten grass, shrink hedges,  embarrass pieces of wood with hammers,  (to drown out the woodpeckers)  interrupt the lifespan of recalcitrant  weeds, till them under, nip and tuck. Each hum, buzz, whir, chug  a jigsaw piece of putting nature   in her place,     a pissing upon,  a tiny fist raised in defiance of ice- storms, blizzards, microbes, death.   We oil and tighten, plug in and refuel  until the entropy of it catches up  in the end while the birds have  their say during the intermission.   End of poem.  Credits: Copyright © Carol Casey  Previously published in Cactifur (August, 2020).   Carol Casey lives in Blyth, Ontario, Canada. Her work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and has appeared in The Prairie Journal, The Anti-Langourous Project, Please See Me, Front Porch Review, Cypress, Vita Brevis and others, including a number of anthologies, most recently, i am what becomes of broken branch and We Are One: Poems From the Pandemic.