That Same Shade of Blue by Vironika Wilde

That Same Shade of Blue By Vironika Wilde At the corner of Queen and Dufferin, a village of tents, a small flag the words "Don't charge us with fines" painted in blue. A man with a Raptors hat, blue shoulder bag, focused expression, ready to smile collects bottles in a FreshCo shopping cart, glass on the bottom, cans in bags, ready to wave. A Parkdale corner covered in blue tarps cleaned by friendly hands. This is no city project. A few doors down, a sign, a notice of development the words "Social housing not condo" painted in navy over government blue— bleeding, crooked letters scream back; a war on matte rectangles, on ink just so. Buy that shade anywhere but you can't sell a revolution. Who keeps us safe, Toronto? A new blue has spilled over 2020. It has no belt, no badge. All we have is paint. —Queen Street West, north side, winter   Vironika Wilde is a poet, activist, spoken word artist, immigrant, tree hugger, and cat fanatic. Those who have read her poetry books, Love and Gaslight and the blood in her honey, call her raw, honest, and willing to spill tough truths about trauma, society, and the human condition. As a nomadic stage poet, she's performed many cities, including Toronto, Vancouver, Honolulu, Portland, Sydney, and Melbourne. Her debut spoken word album, Too Much For You, released in 2020 on all streaming platforms. When Vironika isn't writing, she loves getting lost, looking at the stars, dancing, and eating pickles (sometimes, all at once). You're welcome to visit her website and follow her on Instagram.