The Tea Set by Josephine LoRe

The Tea Set by Josephine LoRe I opened the box It wasn’t for me, it was for the kids but which kids, grandma? and would you, could you have known there would be no room in their lives for bone china? Not while they are deep in forest ten kilometers from dropzone Helicoptered in because of fire planting trees from a belt slung low A shower a luxury no cup of porcelain tea Not while they are scaling unnamed peaks snowboard and avalanche pack on their back Canoeing an evening glass lake Life simple, clean a girlfriend, a black cat Not while they are gearing down and riding up a mountain on a fat-tired bike Covering radiant body with tattoos and glitter blue lipstick feathers & rocks & bones & sticks in their hair So I serve myself a solitary breakfast on this gold-rimmed porcelain, scalloped edge, opalescent turquoise leaves like peacock feathers dropped into this Chinook city from which the fledglings have fled for the air & the sea & the peaks of BC You were born in a generation of manicured nails and careful coifs no-one saw your tears when your husband’s plane went down Like Jackie Kennedy widowed the week before you you bore your grief in silence Photos show only a world of black and white And I in this foothill land I call home although the last generation is in Ontario and the next on the coast swirl to the rim of the cup every day and fall asleep alone   Bio: a pearl in this diamond world … Josephine LoRe has two collections which integrate her poetry and photography, Unity and the Calgary Herald Bestseller The Cowichan Series. Her words have been read on stage and in Zoom rooms across the world, paired to music, danced, rendered into visual art and interpreted through American Sign Language. Her poetry appears in literary journals and anthologies in eleven countries including Canada’s FreeFall Magazine, Fixed and Free in the US, and Ireland’s The Same Page Anthology. She has been on the editorial staff of Parkland Poets and PoetryXHunger and has taught workshops through the Alexandra Writers’ Center Society, When Words Collide and the Wine Country Writers’ Festival. Poetry has been Josephine’s covid antidote.