Thrum if you don’t know the words by Carol Good

Thrum if you don’t know the words By Carol Good Your hum catches my ear as I kneel among weeds I freeze My hearing not as sharp as it once was I wait to be sure Twist and turn to track and trace your tell-tale thrum There Dipping and sipping along bee balm I pause in awe Your improbable existence a miracle mine too yet here we are You move on I stay on my knees speechless   Carol discovered her voice and the power of poetry in a writing group working through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way in the mid-nineties. She continued to write around the edges of her life—filled with family, “billable work”, too many cats, a house in constant need of repair, continuing education and community volunteering—until her decision to retire which was expedited by the pandemic. Now she makes her writing a priority.