To Know a Name is a Life by Fran Westwood

Poem title: To Know a Name is a Life Poet Name: Fran Westwood Poem begins: Near me the swans  still dwell, a quiescent stream & I walk again  by the blue & yellow graffiti  I’ve never learned to translate.   The toy fire engine next door  & the small hands that forgot it, the father tethering his kid, attunement hidden  in the arm of endless upwind ball tosses—  I don’t know you, or anyone  crafting days in the village of tents choked out,  breathing again along Rosedale valley road.  There’s never been time like this        in separateness, to listen 		  as feathers & bone, as tapestries of hands speak their names—the storied  windows & brick. Nylon doors torn on bark & taped. An ivory wing, a red truck   recovered. Neighbour hymns sounding  in wind, all our languages rising over fences, rising  from beneath the freeway End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Fran Westwood Fran Westwood is a poet, addictions counselor and gardener of settler background living and working in Guelph, Ontario. Fran’s work was shortlisted for Room Magazine’s 2020 Poetry Contest and has been published by or is forthcoming in various national and international journals. You can find more about her online at @fran.westwood (instagram)