Waiting by Lauren Carter

Poem title: Waiting Poet Name: Lauren Carter Poem begins: A stubble of rust against the sky’s pale pewter, and the crow comes for the sunflower seeds bought by mistake, confused for black oil, which are easier for the songbirds to split. The black bird arcs up, out of the way, when it sees the dog on the deck, and I watch from the door, waiting for coffee. Skim my eyes over the moat of melted snow between us and the hedgerow where a policeman went hunting, tracker dog scouring the ground, just yesterday, looking for someone who wasn’t here, who we don’t know, don’t know what he did. These days, a swamp of drama and stillness. My first knitted sock left on its needles, waiting for me to turn the heel, that hard manoeuvre I’ve never attempted, and instead, put off, nerves placated by thickets of Twitter. Like all of us, I lurch between self-care and staring at dystopian facts, drinking too much, ricocheting between websites, CNN, memes posted by friends, all while waiting for the seeds to send their tendrils through soil, up into irrepressible light. End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Lauren Carter Lauren Carter is the author of four books. Her most recent novel, This Has Nothing To Do With You, won the Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction. ‘Waiting’ comes from her third poetry collection, Furrow, about grief and mental illness, which is currently seeking a home. Her next scheduled release is the short story collection Places Like These (Book*hug, 2023).