Who Would Believe by Annie Deeley

Poem title: Who would Believe Poet Name: Annie Deeley Poem begins: twenty-eight years later she’d still miss the taste? White wine, the crackle of it, waking the appetite for quiche or cassoulet, sharpening the desire for more of itself with strawberries or chocolate.  Tonight, would a glistening bottle seem more elegant than roses?  The icy brightness of summer gin – would it green the day, ripen the peaches, gather her friends? And what of scotch, its peaty fire? With a steady trickle down her throat, would poems be aroused in the dark hollow of her being all night long? End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Annie Deeley  Annie Deeley is a poet from Winnipeg. In addition to writing, she loves reading, playing her lap dulcimer, and paddling her kayak at sunset. She has served on the board of the Manitoba Writers’ Guild. Her debut chapbook, Brother, was published by Alfred Gustav Press in 2013.