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Members of the League are professional poets who are actively contributing to the development, growth, and public profile of poetry in Canada. League membership is open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. 

The League welcomes applications from Canadian and Indigenous print and spoken word poets at all stages in their careers. Check out our eligibility criteria to find out which level of membership might be right for you.

Member Benefits

Membership with the League offers many benefits, from funding opportunities to cross-country networking and beyond.

Exclusive Funding

Recieve microgrants and funding opportunities for poetry readings, performances, festivals, school visits, National Poetry Month, and more. 

Receive funding through programs that support poetry readings, events, festivals and more all across Canada. 

Travel reimbursement is available to Full Members


See your poetry celebrated from coast to coast and connect with other professional poets in professional development, creative, and social opportunities. 

Promote your projects, news, and calls for submissions in our member forum

Receive support promoting your news on the League’s website and social media channels

Write & Contribute

Get creative with Canada's literary community through exclusive access to contests, calls for submission, awards, publication opportunities, and more. 

LCP members gain access to exclusive calls for submissions, discounts, and creative opportunities

Contribute interviews, articles, and other writing to the League website and member newsletter.

Review recent poetry collections, have your own work reviewed by poets


Network and build community with Canadian poets at the local and national level. 

Connect with an international network of professional poets at various stages in their careers.

Attend LCP's AGM to connect with other members, National Council, and office staff.

Join or establish a community committee and expand your poetic foundations with a specialized focus. 

Stay up to date on poetry news and opportunities in Canada with a subscription to our members-only newsletter, ST@NZA.

Customize your online profile available publicly in the League member directory

New Member Bonus

There's never been a better time to join the League!

New Member Bonus

$40 discount in the first year of membership (full members only)

Pro-rated membership fee based on the month your membership is approved

One guaranteed half-reading ($125 value, plus some travel reimbursement) through the Canada Poetry Tours program (full members only)

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Eligibility and Fees

Annual membership fee: $185

Eligibility criteria – Print

Applicant must supply one of the following:

  • One book* of poetry (48 pages or longer), published by a literary or trade publisher,
  • One self-published book of poetry (48 pages of longer) professionally marketed and distributed, as determined by the membership committee,
  • Two chapbooks* which have been professionally marketed and distributed, as determined by the membership committee, and which—combined—equal a page count of at least 48 pages,
  • A total of at least 48 pages of poetry published in professional markets, as determined by the membership committee; this can be any combination of chapbooks, broadsheets, anthology contributions, and publication in literary magazines.

*Books and chapbooks being used for a membership application must either already be published, or must be forthcoming within 6 months of the application date.

Annual membership fee: $185


Eligibility criteria – spoken word

Applicant must supply a full body of work that demonstrates professional commitment and proficiency in the field of spoken word, as determined by the membership committee.

A full body of work may include:

  • a recorded studio album
  • participation on a spoken word team, including touring and competing for at least two years
  • three featured performance sets of at least 15 minutes each
  • print materials, including chapbooks, anthology contributions, publication in literary magazines, etc.
  • Commitment to the community through teaching and/or creating performance spaces for other artists is also considered

In your application, please outline in detail your performance history and involvement with the spoken word community. Please also include links to any audio tracks or videos that our membership committee can listen to or view online.

Annual membership fee: $70

Associate Member Eligibility Criteria – Print & Spoken Word

Applicant must supply:

  • Two or more poems published online or in print by publications with an independent editorial review process
  • Demonstrated interest in continuing to write and publish or perform poetry

Student discount (save $40 per year) available to associate members studying creative writing at the college or university level

For secondary school students

Annual membership fee: $30