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Member profiles and renewals

Wild Apricot is the LCP's home for membership-related needs, such as renewing your membership, and updating your public-facing profile in our Member Directory.

  • Add a profile picture and details to make your profile stand out in our directory!
  • Edit your mailing and contact info so League staff can always be in touch
  • Customize which contact details you want to make public on your profile
  • Renew your membership or pay an outstanding invoice
  • Add identifying information to your profile to be visible in specialized searches

The League's membership year runs from April 1 to March 31; members will be prompted by email to renew in April, although can renew in advance any time!

If you've forgotten your Wild Apricot login information, click "Log into Wild Apricot" and then click "Forgot password?" Your username is your e-mail address.

If you're unsure about the status of your membership, log into Wild Apricot to check, or email [email protected]

Member directories

While the League's main member directory is an unfiltered view of all active members, we understand that our members appreciate the opportunity to differentiate themselves and to connect with others. As such, we have a few custom directories, and an advanced member directory with extensive search and filter options.

Directories linked here will open in a new window. The link may then be shared or posted freely.

We are unable to share any member's contact information; however, in certain circumstances, we may forward inquiries to specific members if their contact information is not listed.

All directories are formed using information provided in members' profiles. If you are a member appearing - or not appearing - in one of these directories and you'd like to change that, please log into Wild Apricot and update your profile accordingly.

Accessing member benefits

All of the League's programs and services are designed to support poets and poetry in Canada - including, of course, our members!

Members can find all the latest information about open opportunities on our website from the "What  We Do" navigation menu item: Programs & Services, Awards & Contests, and Microgrants & Bursaries will all have information members may find useful.

  • Find information about open calls for submission on our home page
  • Find information about event funding in Microgrants & Bursaries
  • Learn about mentorship opportunities - for mentors and mentees - in Microgrants & Bursaries
  • Find information about our AGM on the Who We Are page
  • Find information about upcoming member open mic events in Programs & Services

Professional development for members

From time to time, the League runs professional development sessions that are free for members. Often, these are presented online, and sometimes they are recorded for distribution to our members.

If you have an idea for a webinar you'd like to see the League run, please feel free to email suggestions to [email protected]! Please also let us know if there is a webinar you would like to run for members.

You can browse past sessions through the link below; email [email protected] if you'd like access to to a recording.


Past webinars have included:

  • Using Canva for your poetry career
  • Accessibility in journal publishing
  • Entertainment law for writers
  • Annual member information sessions
  • Intro to the Public Lending Right

September 10, 2024 (Zoom): Poetry Workshop with David Ly

Newsletters and bulletins


  • Member news and updates
  • Published in March, June, September, and December
  • Members-only bulletin
  • Top-line items from the League

Between the Lines

  • Public newsletter
  • Distributed at least monthly
  • News and opportunities from the League
  • Calls for submissions and other opportunities

Community Committees

The League of Canadian Poets’ new Community Committees bring together poets based on their region, identity, writing style, interest in investigating solutions or opportunities, or the simple desire to connect with other poets. The League’s membership is growing larger every day and with poets being dispersed nationally, these committees will provide the opportunity for more intimate and meaningful connections for poets.  

These committees are intended to bring poets together to foster connection, conversation, issue-focus, and community. Committee meetings began in October 2022.  

Some examples of a committee’s purpose are:  

  • Research an issue relating to poets 
  • Research an opportunity related to poets  
  • Bring together poets to read, write, work and share together  
  • Build community between poets who have common goals, interests or identities  

Active Community Committees

Active committees are updated on a quarterly schedule, in February, May, August, and November.

To join an active committee, contact the Chair using the contact information provided below.

BIPOC Poets Committee

Co-Chairs: Bassam (they/them) and Hollay Ghadery (she/her)

[email protected]

BIPOC Poets Committee is to celebrate, support, and amplify the voices of LCP’s member poets identifying as Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Colour across the national literary landscape. We are committed to:

  1. providing platforms and opportunities for BIPOC Poets to share work, ensuring voices and stories are heard and valued in mainstream literary circles,
  2. offering workshops, mentorship programs, and resources to nurture talents and careers of emerging and established BIPOC poets, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support,
  3. building a supportive and dynamic network that promotes collaboration, dialogue, and solidarity among BIPOC poets (and allies),
  4. advocating for greater representation for BIPOC poets in publishing, performance, challenging systemic barriers and biases within the literary world,
  5. honour and celebrate rich cultural heritages and contributions of BIPOC poets, recognizing the vital role we play in shaping and growing the literary arts and society at large.

We aim to transform the national literary landscape fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, ensuring accountability through social justice and anti-oppression frameworks.

Feminist Caucus

Co-Chairs: Madi Lentine Johnstone and Lindsay Soberano Wilson

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

The Feminist Caucus of the League of Canadian Poets strongly and uncompromisingly champions the rights of those who identify as women and/or feminists in Canada and worldwide. Our mandate is to celebrate, promote, and support women’s creativity within the League and beyond. We oppose systemic misogyny, anti-feminist traditions, and rights-restrictive cultural relativism and commit to take action against any infringement of women's rights and their creative work. The Feminist Caucus respects and advocates for equality and freedom of expression in its practices and membership.

Parenting Poets

Co-Chairs: Jessica Coles and Jennifer Bowering Delisle

[email protected]

[email protected]

To create community for poets often isolated by the demands of parenting, to discuss issues pertinent to parenting poets, and to organize events that attempt to eliminate the barriers parents often face.

Poets Anonymous

Chair: Stephen Roney

[email protected]

Poets of faith; those who believe their craft is in service to a Supreme Being.