Poets in the Schools



Applications will re-open in early 2018 for school visits taking place after April 1, 2018.

Click here for a list of League members open to visiting your school. If the link does not work, visit our Member Directory page and in our advanced search select “Poet in the Schools” to find an up-to-date list.

Thank you to all the schools who participate in Poets in the Schools! We appreciate all the teachers who go out of their way to advocate for poetry in the classroom. View a list of participating schools here.

This program, funded by the Ontario Arts Council, funds poets’ reading fees and expenses for eligible readings at Ontario secondary and elementary schools. For non-League administered funding programs in other provinces and territories, click here.

For tips on applying and/or arranging applications, check out our main funding page. Visit our FAQ for more information on funding applications as well!

  • Application must be submitted by the hosting school, not the poet. Be sure to contact the poet in advance to confirm their availability, reading fee rate and request permission to apply for funding on their behalf.
  • Submissions may be made via email to readings@poets.ca, fax to 416-504-0096, or by mail. Please do not submit duplicates or use more than one method of submitting.
  • This program will fund half of the following honorarium variations: $300/Full day visit (4 x 45 minute sessions), $200/Half day visit (2 x 45 minute sessions). The League will also reimburse for full travel, accommodation, and meal expenses.
  • Reading fees are to be shared equally by the League and the hosting school. School’s portion of the fee must be paid directly to the poet on the day of the visit as well as provide one meal per day.
  • All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application in writing either by mail or email.
  • Approved poet members will receive a fillable invoice to be returned to the League after the reading.
  • Payments of League’s portion of the reading fee(s) and reimbursements of expenses are made by the League directly to poets, upon receipt of the Poet’s Claim Invoice and proof of expenses.
  • Funding for cancelled readings may not be held by a host and is not transferable.
  • Funded readings must acknowledge the support of and use logos for the League and the Ontario Arts Council on all promotional materials. Find logos on our logo page.
  • Funding is limited and distributed on a first come, first served basis.
  • Applications must be received at least 4 weeks before the date of the school visit. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing.
  • Please print clearly. Incomplete/illegible applications will not be considered for funding.


  • Poets must be Full members of the League of Canadian Poets
  • Membership Dues must be paid in full
  • Poets are limited to ten (10) full day visits per fiscal year
  • Hosts are limited to ten (10) full day visits per fiscal year
  • Open to elementary/secondary schools in Ontario only.


The League will cover reasonable expenses incurred during the poet’s visit as follows:

Travel by car – Mileage is paid at 42¢/km. For travel greater than 100 kms poet may not claim mileage amount greater than the cheapest form of mass transit (bus, train, etc.) without prior approval from League office. Mileage calculations do not require receipts.

Travel by taxi – Poet may use a taxi to get to and from a school that is outside of poet’s hometown in a neighbouring municipality. The League will not cover taxi fare for trips within poet’s own hometown.

Travel by bus/train – Will be reimbursed for most reasonably priced fare available.

Travel by air – Airfare must be confirmed and approved by the League office prior to booking. The League will not cover cost of previously approved airfare if trip is changed or cancelled, except in cases of medical/personal emergency, with documentation provided.

Meals – Maximum per diems are $30.00 for full day and $18.00 for a half day with dated receipts.

Accommodation – The League will cover reasonable accommodation costs, not exceeding $90.00 per night.



  • The League will fund 100% of the poet’s fee ($300/full day, $200/half day) and reimburse expenses when the poet consecutively visits a minimum of three (3) schools within the same Northern region.
  • Please indicate “Northern School” in the additional info section of the application form.
  • Funding is allocated on a case by case basis.
  • Email readings@poets.ca or call 416-504-1657 to inquire.