Poem in Your Pocket Day


Poem in Your Pocket Day – falling always sometime in National Poetry Month – is an international movement that encourages folks to center poetry within their daily interactions. On PIYP Day, select a poem, carry it with you, and share it with others at schools, bookstores, libraries, parks, workplaces, coffee shops, street corners, and on social media using the hashtag #PocketPoem.

This annual initiative is organized by the Academy of American Poets, celebrated with a free downloadable PDF booklet containing contemporary American and – since the League joined forces in 2016 – Canadian poetry to share. Click here for 2019’s booklet.

Poem in Your Pocket Day will take place this year on April 30, 2020.

Download the League’s 2019 PIYP Day Booklet here

Ways to Celebrate

It’s easy to carry a poem, share a poem, or start your own Poem in Your Pocket Day event. Visit the Academy’s website for a full history of the program and other materials. Here are some ideas of how you might get involved:

  • Start a “poems for pockets” giveaway in your school or workplace
  • Urge local businesses to offer discounts for those carrying poems
  • Post pocket-sized verses in public places
  • Memorize a poem
  • Start a street team to pass out poems in your community
  • Distribute bookmarks with your favorite lines of poetry
  • Add a poem to your email footer
  • Post lines from your favorite poem on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr
  • Send a poem to a friend

Choose your pocket poem – or poems – from the League’s 2019 Poem in Your Pocket Day Booklet, designed by Megan Fildes! In it, you’ll find the 15 poems by Canadian authors selected for this year’s celebration plus information on how to celebrate PIYP Day, 10 ways support your favourite poets, and more!

The official 2019 Poem in Your Pocket Day poems are…

Yvonne Blomer – Spotted Owl as Desire
Marilyn Bowering – Brother
Heather Cadsby – Quick Question
Lorne Daniel – Crushed
Adebe DeRango-Adem – O Sea of Troubles We Did Not Take Arms Against
Fiona Tinwei Lam – Ode to Chopsticks
Allison LaSorda – Beekeeping
Kathryn Mockler – Water
Lorie Miseck – Jazz (A Variation)
kjmunro – A haiku
Jim Nason – Eggshells
Charlie Petch – Glom Glom Sunraises
Harry Posner – Still be still be still be 
Eleonore Schonmaier – “it didn’t happen here”
Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang – Visit

Carry a Poet in Your Pocket!

Celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day by carrying one (or all!) of these Canadian poetry heavyweights with you! Each in their own way, these poets have contributed to the establishment, development, growth, and continued richness of Canadian poetry — in Canada and abroad.

Illustrated by Jenn Woodall:


Illustrated by Evan Munday:

Dig through the archives! We feature new Canadian poets in each annual booklet, put together in partnership with Academy of American Poets so there’s lots to look back on. View, share, or copy and paste any Poem in Your Pocket selections!

PIYP Day 2018 / 2017 / 2016

For your French pocket poem needs, check out the 2018 booklet created by La poésie partout for La Journée du poème à porter.