A Friend Late in the Season by PJ Thomas

Poem name: A Friend Late in the Season Poet name: PJ Thomas Poem: Night shine times and wind chimes outdoors on the porch. Pipe dreams and moon cream gleaming rich and oily on slow, black water.  Practicing geese fly across this light, and all my tomorrows are rolled into today; hovering like moments of beaded rain on tilted glass.  If I could cast this moonlight onto your countenance, would I see clearly the thoughtfulness in your eyes?  But I can see you in the dark, my oldest friend. I can sense the crinkling of your crow’s feet in understanding that our time is here. For the luxurious moon has grown late, and no one knows about next year. End of poem.  Credits and bio: Copyright © PJ Thomas  Forthcoming in Waves, to be launched in autumn 2022.  Born and raised on Lake Ontario, PJ Thomas moved to Peterborough, ON to attend Trent University, and became editor-in-chief of the student newspaper. She edited several local publications and then published two novels. As a senior emerging poet, Thomas has been writing exclusively poetry for three years. Her first collection of poems, Undertow, was published in October 2020. Her lyrics were recorded on the 2021 Juno-nominated album, Solar Powered Too. Ms. Thomas has been working on a second book of verse, Waves, to be published in autumn 2022. She makes her home with her cat by the Otonabee River.