A Morning the Sun Almost Set by Stephen Kent Roney

Poet name: Stephen Kent Roney Poem title: A Morning the Sun Almost Set Poem: As I rode down through old York town I saw a maid with iridescent hair All dressed in Spanish. I felt the pistol at my hip, Still warm from the other guy. But on the moment a vagrant putto dodged from some blind alley Between two graffitied buildings And took dead aim. I awoke three mornings later at Toronto Western. The docs told me I’d been lucky The shaft was deflected by a poem in my pocket Next to my heart. End of poem.  Credits and bio: Copyright ©Stephen Kent Roney Stephen Kent Roney, in his current incarnation, used to be a college professor. Now he runs his own academy online. He writes stuff, much of which he tries to pass off as poems. Some people believe him, and publish it. He credits his origin as a poet to having been born in Gananoque Ontario, and having to learn early to say “Gananoque Ontario.” He has been awarded the 2021 Mensa World Poetry Prize.