a tea tasting by Amanda Earl

POEM TITLE: a tea tasting POET NAME: Amanda Earl POEM: I blush at the feel of the callouses on her fingers as she presses the warm mug  into my hands  she pours aria for light  I smell damp earth, wood smoke,  the green of time   I watch her eyes  blackwing gold flecks   I taste dark green… forest… dreaming in  END OF POEM.  CREDITS AND BIO: Copyright © Amanda Earl Amanda Earl (she/her) is a pansexual polyamorous feminist writer, visual poet, editor, and publisher living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with her husband, Charles. Earl’s creative and life missions are love, connection with kindred misfits, exploration and whimsy. She was inducted into the VERSeOttawa Hall of Honour in 2014 and her chapbook, Electric Garden won the Tree Reading Series Chapbook Award in 2017. Her most recent chapbook is The Before, an excerpt from Welcome to Upper Zygonia (above/ground press, 2022). Her books are Kiki (Chaudiere Books, 2014, now with Invisible Publishing), Coming Together Presents Amanda Earl (Coming Together, 2014) and A World of Yes (DevilHouse, 2015). She’s the author of over 30 chapbooks and her writing and visual poetry has appeared in publications and galleries in Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Sweden, UK, Ukraine and USA. Earl is managing editor of Bywords.ca, editor of Judith: Women Making Visual Poetry (Timglaset Editions, 2021) and the fallen angel of AngelHousePress. For more information, please visit AmandaEarl.com, linktr.ee/amandaearl or on Twitter @KikiFolle.