Advice by Susan Wismer

Poem title: Advice Poet name: Susan Wismer Poem: Remember Vasalisa, lost she found Baba Yaga’s forest house dancing on wild chicken feet, fearsome old woman who would eat you alive, unless you complete an impossible task while she sleeps crawl silent in darkness on planked wooden floors, your blind fingers stroke each splintered groove, seek out every cranny, gather each seed – There’s a doll in your pocket. She knows the way home. End of poem. Credits and bio: Copyright © Susan Wismer Previously published in Qwerty, 45. Summer 2022. Susan Wismer (she/they) is a queer poet who is grateful to live on Treaty 18 territory at the southern shore of Manidoo-zaaga i’gan (Georgian Bay) in Ontario, Canada with two human partners and a very large dog. Her book Hag Dances is coming out with At Bay Press in Spring 2025.