“An Elegy for La” by Ryan Boggs

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An Elegy for La

By Ryan Boggs

Missed your (yellow) birthday
Missed your (purple) vigil too
So (blue) pause 
(orange) reverse         through applause

An accidental concert, behind the (red) door
Fading into the (green) ever after - 

I’d thought it’d be me or you we’d see 
stalled in a still

Not her                   
                                                                    here, yes - you 
Interstellar dust
                           Amber chimes murmur, 
Flash contours 
                        A composite portrait 
Improvised, provided 
                                 pennies, again, in the Junction, 
heaven, between navigation     
as we piece together
                               The chord, keys, melodies
Of a ballad for for-
                             gotten lyrics

And her once glowing aghast, lightening a valve
So hum -
                    our spills spelling a miss -
                                                                     sing colo(u)r:

Copyright © Ryan Boggs

Relating to life; trying to write.

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