An evening of rain by Padmaja Battani

Poem title: An evening of rain

Poet name: Padmaja Battani

Poem: You saw me walking

In the rain holding

My broken umbrella

Folded and inoperable

Rainwaters ruthlessly

Drenching me


Once I used to enjoy

The rain, splashing water

Caressing my face,

Aroma of rain-soaked

Earth filling my heart


You invited me into

Your humble haven

Offering a worn towel

To dry my dripping hair


You made tea

And handed a steaming

Cup with an apology

For missing sugar and milk

Raindrops drumming

Accustomed tunes,


Warmth from your smile

And the tea tasted

Precisely like the one

Mother used to serve us

When there was no supper

End of poem.

Credits and bio: Copyright © Padmaja Battani

Previously published in Trouvaille Review.

Padmaja Battani is a Canadian living in Connecticut She received an MA in English Literature. Her work has appeared in Sierra Poetry Festival, Trouvaille Review, New Pages, Poetry Pause, Coffee People Zine, Bitchin’ Kitsch, Black Cat Magazine and elsewhere. Her latest passion is hiking. She is currently working on a Poetry Collection.