An Unattainable Heart by Padmaja Reddy

Poem name: An Unattainable Heart Poem: A good friend of mine at school Shared her lunch with me While eating I touched  Her lunch box involuntarily   When her mother learnt this She told her daughter  The lunch box could not go Back to her kitchen as It had become impure With the touch of me – an untouchable  She asked my friend to Give (throw) away the box to me And demanded her never allow Me to touch any of her items  But my friend sometimes Disobeyed her mother and made me  Touch her new ribbon to make it mine The blue pen I adored was added To my secret treasury with one touch My friend confessed that I had touched her heart as well And made it unattainable to all others End of poem.  Credits and bio: Copyright © Padmaja Reddy Previously published in Black Cat Magazine. Padmaja Battani lives in Ottawa/Connecticut. She received an MA in English Literature.  Her work has appeared in Sierra Poetry Festival, Trouvaille Review, New Pages, Coffee People Zine, Bitchin’ Kitsch and Black Cat Magazine. Her latest passion is hiking. She is currently working on a Poetry Collection.