Astronomical Twilight by Emily Sanford

Poem title: Astronomical Twilight

Poet name: Emily Sanford

Poem: It has already ended,

the reign of day;

cast in our own shadows, we ready

for the lengthened night, leaning

toward the dinner we had planned,

the day having gotten away.

We hope to make the dusk our time

make it all count toward

the day’s work somehow mattering

noted in a journal, finding

something to write home about

locate the gratitude or reflect

upon one another by candlelight.

When it occurs to me to look up,

I can see the faintly golden light

pooled beneath your skin

as if you stored the sun’s rays

just to send them back out in twilight:

your deft trick of brilliance.

End of poem.

Credits and bio: Copyright © Emily Sanford

Emily Sanford was born in Nova Scotia and has an MA in Literature and Performance from University of Guelph. She is the winner of the 2016 Eden Mills Writers’ Festival Literary Award for Poetry, the 2018 Janice Colbert Award, and was listed in The 10 Best Poems of 2016 by Vancouver Poetry House. Her work appears in Canthius, Eastern Iowa Review, Grain Magazine, Minola Review,, Plenitude Magazine, train, and the Applebeard Editions anthology of flash fiction, release any words stuck inside of you. Her poetry was recently set to music for four-part choir, by Canadian composer EKR Hammell. Emily is the Creative Writing Program Administrator at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, and co-curates the Brockton Writers Series.