Back to childhood seasons by Marion Lougheed

Poem name: back to childhood seasons Poet name: Marion Lougheed  Poem: The sky is red today, the air smells like sand.  Europe and Africa imagined as worlds apart. A north wind crosses borders– Landmasses reduced to weather patterns. There is no Harmattan in Germany.  End of poem.  Credits and bio: Copyright © Marion Lougheed Marion Lougheed grew up in Canada, Benin, Belgium and Germany. As far as she knows, her mother is not a secret government agent. Marion’s poem “Rooftops” won the Prime 53 Poem Summer Challenge, and “Pavane for a Dead Letter” was featured in the LCP’s Poem In Your Pocket Day series. Marion runs Off Topic Publishing and ML Edits. She also writes fiction, which has appeared in This Will Only Take A Minute: 100 Canadian Flashes (Guernica Editions, 2022), Reflex Press and The Arcanist, among others. Her work was shortlisted for the Sunlight Press Flash Fiction Contest, longlisted for Furious Fiction and the Fish Publishing Short Story Prize, and chosen as a finalist in the “Dystopian” category for Globe Soup’s 7-Day Writing Challenge. In addition to writing and editing, she is working on a PhD dissertation in social anthropology about international schools in Germany.  Twitter: @MarionLougheed  FB: @Marion Lougheed’s Writing Page