Being Brave in the Cold by Glennys Egan

 Poem name: Being Brave in the Cold Poet name: Glennys Egan Poem begins: Science tells me and I believe    why the snow falls    and the door jamb contracts    and the plastic cracks but the liquor doesn’t freeze.  How is it, though, that the trees can stand        so sparse, exposed and come spring still bloom unabashedly  back to life?  Vulnerability gifted and received;     their naked dormancy not punishment but relief.  Perhaps this is the year I’ll learn to let      the warm sweater of      my grief fall open  without moving to cover        my bare left breast.  The sun low, your irises expand        at the sight. I don’t apologize for what you find.  Come the melt, when the door begins to bulge back  against the thresh, we’ll step boldly over it into a new beginning’s light. End of Poem.  Credits: Copyright © Glennys Egan  Previously published in Capsule Stories: Winter 2020 Edition.  Raised in the Canadian prairies, Glennys Egan lives in Ottawa, where she works for the government like everyone else. Her poetry has been published in Taco Bell Quarterly, Canthius, No Contact Magazine, and several other lovely places. Glennys sits on the board of directors for Arc Poetry Magazine. You can find her and her dog, Boris, online at @gleegz or