Blue Rider by Elana Wolff

Poet name: Blue Rider Poem name: Elana Wolff Poem: Violet—almost violent  in the way that scared  is close to sacred,  marital like martial,  hound like wound: Who will refute? Not the blue  in violet, it’s  a gentian- petal hue. Not the morning  glory blue, the ever-vibrant  hyacinth. Not the absolute  pure Himalayan  Poppy blue. And not the inorganic  Yin Min  new commercial tint.  (Not the “l” in soldered  either. It’s silent.) 		I want the long lassoing line of August when it’s glossy, glinting on my lip like beads of heat on the head of a horse. I rode a blue-eyed Appaloosa—steed—he nearly heaved me,  when all I did was stroke his poll and whisper loving  nothings into his sweat. End of poem.  Credits and bio:  Copyright © Elana Wolff Previously published in SHAPE TAKING (Ekstasis Editions, 2021). Elana Wolff lives and works in Thornhill, Ontario. Her poems and creative nonfiction pieces have been widely published in Canada and internationally; most recently in Arc Poetry Magazine online (Awards of Awesomeness), Best Canadian Poetry 2021, Canadian Literature (forthcoming), The Dalhousie Review, Grain Magazine, The Maynard, The Pi Review, Sepia, Vallum, Verse-Virtual, and White Wall Review (forthcoming). Her collection, SHAPE TAKING, is newly released with Ekstasis Editions.