Body of the Moon by Katherine Koller

Poem name: Body of the Moon Poet name: Katherine Koller Poem:  one point five inches  further away from earth every year  by instinct i give you more eye timeless one  while my moments under the dome  wane   catch me in your cuticle hold me in your thin smile cradle me like a half cantaloupe fingerprint me my searchlight   mirror me loonie moon in round communion fill me up then  gracefully fade me  away  like  u End of poem.  Credits and bio: Copyright © Katherine Koller Previously published in NorthWord vol. 5, issue 2, Fall 2022.  Katherine Koller lives in Edmonton, Alberta, and writes for stage, screen, and page. Her books include Voices of the Land (plays), Art Lessons (novel), and Winning Chance (stories), which won a 2020 High Plains Book Award. Stories have also been published in Grain, Room, Epiphany, Alberta Views and EDify, and poems in Prairie Journal and NorthWord. Her latest play, Riverkeeper, was a finalist in the Jane Chambers Award, the Judith Royer Award, and the Alberta Playwriting Competition.