Britomartis by Dara Siegel

Poem title: Britomartis
Poet name: Dara Siegel
Poem: Image-maker, you—
Hero of anecdotes
woven threads of analogy 
brightened blue by the 
mysteries of sea

Image-breaker, you-- 
Mythical, fleshy beast 
your reins have snapped 
your cracked chariot 
now sinks beneath
Image-taker, you-- 
Victory grants space 
your paradise fallen, 
disgraced and
my gown is torn.
The net was a metaphor

The net was a metaphor.
End of poem.
Credits and bio: Copyright © Dara Siegel
Dara Siegel is a wife, mother, English teacher and curriculum leader at a high school in Canada. She is an emerging poet who has been published in various print and online publications. Visit her Instagram page @theexistentialbean to read more of her poetry and to find out more about her future writing endeavours.