carrying light by Jude Neale

Poem title: carrying light
Poet name: Jude Neale
Poem: in the blackness 	i struck
a match		a     lone	     spark
illuminated	  all     i couldn’t 	  see
i had 	 forgotten	       the wonder
written across	     the obsidian 	     sky
or	    the sound	of your breath
rocking	       my worries	     to sleep
through this	  december	  night
i have gathered	      you		to my breast
a clutch		of snowdrops
shining white	and		small
against the	     infinite    band
of velvet	    stretched	        taut above
us		  holding	our	     love
on the 		   glittering blade	
of a 
End of poem. 
Credits and bio: Copyright © Jude Neale
Previously published in The Flaw (Ekstasis Editions, 2022).
Jude Neale is a Canadian poet, vocalist, spoken word performer, and educator with over 50 years of experience. She has published 11 books, including The Flaw, and was a finalist for the Pat Lowther Memorial Award. She has collaborated with musicians, dancers, artists, film makers, and fellow poets. She is currently working with Nick Jennings, Jane Kenyon and David Woodfall in three separate projects. Her vocal and poetry CDs will be released in 2023. Jude’s collaborative  book, her 12th book, The Water Forgets its Own Name, is due out this summer.