Circling by Neall Calvert

 Poem name: Circling Poet name: Neall Calvert Poem begins: If with tender heart I waken in a start to that unfinished first love of my youth; and if the moment I recall of hesitation when two lips first knowing destination sent two souls resounding with the celebration of it all; And if those years of awkwardness, of incompleted passion, fears of independence manifest as tears that flow from dreaming adolescent eyes; It’s that at thirty-five I’ve come alive to agony and bliss, the drive of longing to be met; it’s that I’ve come full circle to my youth and in this month of May feel that same surge of years away to stand now where I stood then, feeling incomplete, and tender, once again. End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Neall Calvert Published in The Men’s Journal, Winter 1985/86, Woodacre, CA and in Thunder Stick: Journal of Vancouver Men’s Evolvement Network, Fall 1991. Former journalist and book editor Neall Calvert has had poetry published online, in print and in anthologies twenty-five times. His poem “The Whole Forest” is scheduled to appear in the Caitlin Press book Worth More Standing in April 2022. An associate member of the League of Canadian Poets since 2019, he writes from Campbell River, near the quiet and wildness of northern Vancouver Island, BC. Neall’s current writing project is a prose/poetry memoir of a long midlife healing journey.