Close Encounters with Marilyn Munroe by Andrea Martineau

Poem name: Close Encounters with Marilyn Munroe Poet name: Andrea Martineau Poem begins: chinless wonder in black, white, and diamonds  framed, draped on the wall of the chicken wing joint  shoulders curved forward, breasts  about to spill, head tossed back in a careful, carefree laugh  chinless wonder on my 2009 Facebook feed  white one piece, blonde wreath of keratin, writhing on the beach  brows arched up to widen the face, the backdrop for a meme with a poorly chosen font:  “real men love natural curves, only dogs love bones”  chinless wonder on a true crime pod to ponder:  dead because you used or because you were so, so used?  kate and I ruminate over the truth driving over the tracks  skirting this summer town  the glow of Wikipedia on an iPhone; a lighthouse beacon  atop a canola ocean  chinless wonder, it’s 2013 and your medical records  guarded by Gurdin are available for purchasin’ — Marilyn  Miller, Joan Newman: bovine graft, fractured nose,  one stitch under the chin  chinless wonder, was it your call, a fall, the psychiatrist, your publicist?  is it bad I’m relieved the revelation of your tweak-  ments save me from a feat of God-given beauty  I cannot compete  with? did the scalpel  liberate or dominate?  chinless wonder.  I do wonder End of poem.  Credits: Copyright © Andrea Martineau  Andrea Martineau is a poet, bibliophile, and phytomaniac with a penchant for heritage buildings and their paranormal tenants. She left her hometown of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan to complete her Bachelor of Arts in English at the University of Regina, and now resides in the Queen City with her family, rescue cats, Horsfield tortoise, and collection of houseplants. Her poetry has previously been published