The League of Canadian Poets is introducing new Community Committees to bring together poets based on their region, identity, writing style, interest in investigating solutions or opportunities, or the simple desire to connect with other poets. The League’s membership is growing larger every day and with poets being dispersed nationally, these committees will provide the opportunity for more intimate and meaningful connections for poets.  

In summer 2022, the League will open the opportunity for poets to join Community Committees. These committees are intended to bring poets together to foster connection, conversation, issue-focus, and community. Committee meetings will begin in October 2022.  

A committee may form to:  

  • Research an issue relating to poets 
  • Research an opportunity related to poets  
  • Bring together poets to read, write, work and share together  
  • Build community between poets who have common goals, interests or identities  

The League of Canadian Poets will begin by looking for poets who are interesting in Chairing and joining Committees. You can express your interest by filling in the forms below.  

If you would like to establish a new committee, please complete the form by August 22, 2022. 

League of Canadian Poets staff will provide support, guidance and tools for Committees (such as access to Zoom), but Committees will organize and meeting independently within the policies and by-laws of the League.