Conversations by Susan Ksiezopolski

Poem title:  Conversations
Poet name: Susan Ksiezopolski
Poem: Tender souls weep
even the day casts clouds
soaked in sadness
as the world unravels with 

Excuse me if I don’t join the conversation
words are without essence
talk lacks sustenance
no compensation for prolific pain
yet, to keep silent festers fear
words are worthless now
no amount of literary precision
can save me
from this wretched restlessness.

Silence is needed to
clear the way to release
inner stillness is the key
for the unraveling to stop.

So, excuse me 
while I cultivate silence 
loosening my tongue-tied thoughts
dispensing my words 
dispersing my emotions.

Where they will land softly
cradled among the twisted letters
peeking between the lines.

To be read by fragile eyes 
waiting and weeping
for words to free my soul
for talk to feed my hunger. 
End of poem.
Credits and bio: Copyright © Susan Ksiezopolski
Susan Ksiezopolski, a graduate of the Humber School for Writers, is an award-winning poet. She has published two poetry collections, a writing aide and a writing journal illustrated by award winning, visual artist, Angela Chao. Her work is featured in magazines and anthologies, and on-line platforms. Susan produced the Art of Wellness – Creative Path to Mental Health, documentary to give a voice to local arts program producers and their participants and spotlight the value of the arts-based programs. Susan founded WriteWell in 2018, to create a path for wellness through expressive writing. For more information follow @WriteWell_2020.