March 27, 2024 (Zoom): Cross-Pollinations

Join the League of Canadian Poets, the Health Arts Research Centre, and the Canadian Association for Health Humanities for the next iteration of the Cross-Pollinations Virtual Rounds Series.

March 27, 2024 | 3pm PT/6pm ET

The Wednesday, March 24 Cross-Pollinations event will focus on vision health/loss and will feature Devon Healy (Associate Professor of Disability Studies) and Crystal Hurdle (poet). Devon is a blind woman herself whose research, acting, and play-writing strives to show how blindness is an alternate, valuable, and creative mode of perceiving and experiencing the world. Meanwhile, Crystal’s 2020 poetry book titled “Sick Witch” explores her experiences with eye health and in the ophthalmology clinic.

Devon Healy
Devon Healy (she/her)
Devon Healey is an Assistant Professor of Disability Studies at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. All of her work is grounded in her experience as a blind woman guided by a desire to show how blindness specifically and disability more broadly can be understood as offering an alternate form of perception and is thus, a valuable and creative way of experiencing and knowing the world. She is the author of, Dramatizing Blindness: Disability Studies as Critical Creative Narrative (Palgrave Macmillan, 2021). Devon is an award-winning actor and the co-founder of, Peripheral Theatre. In 2020 she was awarded a commission by Outside the March (Dora award-winning Toronto theatre company) to both write and perform in, Rainbow on Mars, a sensory reclamation of blindness. This play marks the creation and development of, Immersive Descriptive Audio (IDA), an artistic practice that, through blindness, understands accessibility as an integral part of the creative process and theatrical experience. In 2023, Devon was awarded the Connaught New Researcher Award to support her research project titled, ‘Ways of Seeing: An Exploration of Blindness as a form of Perception.’ Her publications include “Eye Contact and the Performative Touch of Blindness” in Performance Research (2022); “The Accessibility of the language of blindness and its rapport with sight: Immersive descriptive audio and Rainbow on Mars’ in PUBLIC: Art, culture, ideas (2022); Sighted blindness consultants and the manyness of blindness ” in Finding Blindness: International Constructions and Deconstructions (Bolt, 2022)as well as a paper co-written with Tanya Titchkosky and Michalko titled, “Understanding blindness simulation and the culture of sight,” the international Journal of Literary and Cultural Disability Studies. 
Crystal Hurdle
Crystal Hurdle (she/her)
After teaching English and Creative Writing at Capilano University (North Vancouver) for 35 years, Crystal is reinventing herself in retirement by practicing yoga (wimpily), cycling (badly—joggers can pass her), crafting junk journals, painting, and tapestry weaving.  After Ted & Sylvia (2003), on Hughes and Plath, and Sick Witch (2020), poetry, were published by Ronsdale Press. Teacher’s Pets, a YA novel in verse, came out in 2014. A recovering poet, she is currently writing novels. Her work, poetry and prose, has been published nationally and internationally. She can be reached at 

Recordings from past events can be viewed on YouTube.