Darlene’s Desk by Silvia Falsaperla

Poem title: Darlene’s Desk Poet name: Silvia Falsaperla Poem: she’s a feng shui master her desk in the centre of the large bay window facing the garden the tin owl on the tree trunk hoots the ceramic fairy whispers in the leaves but real deer saunter in to chew petunias and marigolds a lone coyote slips in unnoticed from deep in the ravine here animals come and take us into the first garden where words were formed into the open air where we breathed the meaning of things on her desk are piles of books where words come home finally laboured from love or loss or some other emotion on the floor is the harp, a standing wing that quivers, whispers, or weeps last, is a portrait of the muses pearls in their hair, their robes ruby may they serve her well when they play their instruments they attend to her with their notes subtle, gracious, and sweet may they attend to any visitor End of poem. Credits and bio: Copyright © Silvia Falsaperla Previously published in the Association of Italian Canadian Writers Newsletter, Winter 2021. Silvia Falsaperla is a graduate of the University of Toronto. She has published poetry and prose in Canadian and American literary journals and anthologies. She was one of the winners of the Accenti Writing Contest 2020, Venera Fazio Poetry Contest 2021, and Venera Fazio Poetry Contest 2022. She has currently completed a first collection of poetry and a hybrid poetry and prose chapbook. She is working on another collection of poetry, as well as a collection of linked short stories. Recently, she received an Honourable Mention in The Ontario Poetry Society’s Provoked-By-Places Contest 2022.