Daybreak Through the Cottage Window by Virginia Boudreau

Poem title: Daybreak Through the Cottage Window
Poet name: Virginia Boudreau
Poem: And so it begins:  this greige gleam and economy,

this singular, smooth, silent, sweep.  
A pearled page turning in a tome of darkness.

Always, it is the inevitable melding I await, liquid
lilac and spun steel puddlings of sea and sky.

This is why I watch, what I need most: 
the ephemeral pause at day’s first light, 

the circadian nuptial of two solitudes and 
hope breathing pillowed silver through a realm

that becomes too loud, too bright, too fast. 
End of poem.
Credits and bio: Copyright © Virginia Boudreau
Previously published in Palette Poetry, 2019.

Virginia Boudreau is a retired teacher who makes her home on the south shore of Nova Scotia, ancestral territory of the Mi’kmaq. When not at her keyboard, she’ll often be found in her garden, at the shore, or somewhere along a forest trail, all settings that feature prominently in her poetry. Her work has appeared in numerous international literary journals and anthologies, both in-print and on-line. Some publication credits include UnderStorey, Grain, TNQ, House of Zolo Press, LCP neurodiversity issue, Inana Press,Room, Sunlight Press, Stephen A DeBiase Website, The Last Stanza, Reckoning7, Briefly Write, and Westerly. More work is upcoming in The Antigonish Review and Hungry Zine.