definitions for a colour that’s both blue & green by Kim Mannix

Poem title: definitions for a colour that’s both blue & green
Poet name: Kim Mannix
Poem: waking sighs      
		  the shape of your tongue when you say the word visceral    
 speckle of sweat on your mother’s forehead      school hallways at night      cold fingers     
						a dress you wore in Friday night’s dream      shoe screech on polished floor
soap slipping from your wet hand      kids laughing as they log roll down a hill      pressing on a bruise
				the difference between mumble and murmur    
	a glacier, calving      the first person you think of when it’s raining
End of poem. 
Credits and bio:  Copyright © Kim Mannix
Kim Mannix lives on Treaty Six territory in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Her poetry and short fiction has appeared in several Canadian and American journals and anthologies. She is a contributing editor of Watch Your Head, a climate crisis anthology, and an entertainment and lifestyle writer for MSN. She is a member of the League of Canadian Poets, the Writers’ Guild of Alberta and sits as Vice President on the Board of the Edmonton Poetry Festival. She has two kids, four cats and doesn’t clean her house as often as those things should necessitate.