Descent by Neall Calvert

Poem title: Descent Poet name: Neall Calvert Poem: Bright-white stars wheel clockwise around a centre; after gazing awe- struck, sky-walking with others, I’m sorting out which way down. Getting my feet oriented begins the journey. Air’s an easy temp: no special dress. Chatting, far-off right. I wonder if I’ll pull the rip- cord or chute’ll self-open. Motion below—passing passenger jet—but danger-thoughts dissolve. Wispy clouds grace blue. Before plunging into Vancouver’s English Bay, I see powerful boats launch, head toward us—fetching returning astronauts . . . Lucky, us recovering space cadets (blown out-of-body by early hurts): Wise now about bodily life / souls heaven-linked, we dream elegant homecomings, can shine star-like, lead others to light. End of poem. Credits and bio: Copyright © Neall Calvert Neall Calvert has 25 years’ experience in journalism, book editing, photography and writing. He has had poems published in the books Vistas of the West [Durvile: 2019] and Worth More Standing: Poets and Activists Pay Homage to Trees [Caitlin: 2022] and in journals out of California, Texas, Florida, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, New Zealand, Australia and India. Neall’s self-published book of photography and poetry, Raining Glory: Campbell River by Night, is available from him now. His first humorous poem will appear in the 2023 book Laugh Lines [Repartee Press]. An associate member of the League of Canadian Poets, Neall lives in Campbell River, BC, near the quiet and wildness of northern Vancouver Island.