Diesel by Michael Goodfellow

Poem title: Diesel

Poet name: Michael Goodfellow

Poem: Tide was a motor,

gap in the sparkplug


twisted black.

Sea shone


with undercoat,

windy days


were gears

grinding, clutch


of a storm.

Rockweed choked


the beach in wire,

cable running


the pitchy bottom.

Through rotten


cast iron, suck

of brackish water


in the basement

drain. The sump


ran all night,

jerrycan of diesel


at the basement

stairs. Nothing stopped


turning. Sunset

left a sheen.

End of poem.

Credits and bio: Copyright © Michael Goodfellow

Previously published in Naturalism, an Annotated Bibliography (Gaspereau Press, 2022).

Michael Goodfellow is the author of the poetry collections Naturalism, An Annotated Bibliography (2022) and Folklore of Lunenburg County (2024), both published by Gaspereau Press. His poems have appeared in the Literary Review of Canada, The Dalhousie Review, The Cortland Review, Reliquiae and elsewhere. He lives in Nova Scotia.