“dinosaur egg” by kerry rawlinson

Poetry Pause is the League of Canadian Poets’ daily poetry dispatch. Read “dinosaur egg” by kerry rawlinson. Due to its formatting, this poem is only available as an image.

sneaks insidiously
under the skin. it seals us in:
swells & thickens to shield us from
prickles & predators, preserving us (as
we assert in our defense) from serious hurt.
its cells congeal quite fast, multiplying dis-
proportionately & proliferating, then callus to
provide immunity. we’re safe! & complacent!
oh—but now we’re guarded from the good
as well as the terrible. look how we turn
as leathery & insular as the egg of
a fossilized dinosaur inside
its hooded womb, equally
aloof & just as

Copyright © kerry rawlinson

kerry rawlinson is a mental nomad & bloody-minded optimist who gravitated decades ago from sunny Zambian skies to solid Canadian soil. Winner of Princemere Poetry Prize 2024, honorably mentioned in Proverse Press and Fish Poetry prizes and placed in others, e.g. Bridport, Canterbury Poetry; Room; National Poetry Society and Palette, she has forthcoming or recent work in: Passager; League of Canadian Poets; Pinhole Poetry; Touchstone Lit; Novus Lit; UCity Review; Drunk Monkeys; Wild Roof Journal; Suburban Review; Topic Take Up; Grain; Freefall; Rochford St. Review and more. kerry is still wandering barefoot through dislocation and belonging—and still drinks too much (tea). kerryrawlinson.com @kerryrawli

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