Dog Bones by D.S. Jones

Poem title: Dog Bones
Poet name: D.S. Jones
Poem: My dog is running in the woods.
She comes back and says, 
she just had a Déjà vu event.
She says she is trying to evolve
just like me, her master, but something
primal in the forest holds her back.
I throw the ball and off she goes again.
You know, coming back, she said, 
humans didn’t always have heads.
Of course, I said, we were once amoeba, right?
Well, thinking (she is a great dog to pause for effect),
before heads and especially before bones, then yes.
I said, you mean skeletal structure?
Yes, she said, you know, bones.

She then said, do you know 
Human’s next evolutionary step?
I’m curious now and don’t throw the ball.
Perception, she said, Humans are using their heads
for the wrong things, and in the wrong way.
Dogs know this and wonder why
we are so dumb.
She smiles (which is difficult for a dog to master),
you will soon perceive greater things
with your mind,
even challenging time itself.
I said, didn’t I read that book, 
The Doors of Perception, By Huxley?
Hmm, thinking, she corrected me
Dogs... Dogs of Perception, by Aldus Husky.
Hmm, I am arguing with a dog and losing,
I figure I’d better just throw the ball now
and into the primal woods she goes.
End of poem.
Credits and bio: Copyright © D.S. Jones
D.S. Jones is a letterpress printer living in Newmarket, Ontario with his wife and dog.