Far from home by Adrienne Drobnies

Poem title: far from home Poet name: Adrienne Drobnies Poem: But you were beautiful like the interpretation of ancient books –Yehuda Amichai You were my home and I miss you in a thousand fonts in serif and sans serif in Garamond in Calibri in Calisto I miss you in the remembrance of things past and the search for lost time in the embrace of the morning and the herald of the evening in the scribble of lightning above my skylight and the attendant rain I miss the mark and master quark I miss you in haiku and sonnet in alexandrine and pantoum Your bent words – May all my Whitmans be Christ I miss you in kanji and pinyin in hiragana and Hebrew and hieroglyphics I miss you in Greek and in Mayan You were my home and I miss you End of poem. Credits and bio: Copyright © Adrienne Drobnies Previously published in Salt and Ashes (Signature Editions, 2019) Adrienne Drobnies is a Vancouver poet and scientist. Her debut poetry collection Salt and Ashes (Signature Editions) won the Fred Kerner Book Award from the Canadian Authors Association and was longlisted for the Fred Cogswell Award for Excellence in Poetry. Her long poem “Randonnées” won the Gwendolyn MacEwen Award and was a finalist for the CBC literary award.