Finding hope by Heidi Greco

Poem title: Finding hope
Poet name: Heidi Greco
Poem: This morning I am feeding the birds, replenishing
supplies in the little cracked saucer, the one that’s sheltered
on the window ledge all winter again. 

I’m filling it with seeds, still tight in their shells, 
ones I hope the birds will disperse, carrying them
far and beyond—sunflowers that will rise up

from the broken earth. I am putting my faith
in their sturdy resilience, counting on them to grow tall
and turn their golden faces to the sun. 
End of poem. 
Credits and bio: Copyright © Heidi Greco

Previously published in Poems in Response to Peril: An Anthology in Support of Ukraine, 2022.

Heidi Greco lives and works on Territory of the Semiahmoo First Nation in Surrey, BC. Despite being published in a range of genres, she bemoans the fact that she’s pokey when it comes to writing. She’s active in her community with a range of causes – from protecting forests and waterways to promoting poetry. Heidi enjoys what she calls ‘scratch-cooking’ especially when it means using some ingredient she’s foraged. Her most recent book, Glorious Birds (Anvil Press, 2021) is an extended, non-academic commentary on one of her favourite films, Harold and Maude. More info, as well as links to her blog, can be found at her website,