For J.M.F. by Cindy Maguire

Poem title: For J.M.F.  Poet name: Cindy Macguire Poem: Fuelled by dark roast coffee, scalding hot, we inhaled sweet scents and dabbed fingers in creamy body butters, masking the lingering odours of institutional living.  Oh, we were a pair to be reckoned with at the mall, caregiver and client, student and teacher, Jacqueline giving master classes in being seen and heard, when store clerks spoke over her  wheelchair, blind to the lawyer and artist who knew that life was meant to be savoured with dollops of dijon mustard, a glass of wine, and a stylish wardrobe.  Every shop held possibilities: “Stop, go back,” to the white lace bed jacket, to the buttercup yellow tunic, to the candy floss pink hat, to the red wool sweater and Dior scarf,  the pin-striped trousers with elastic waist, silk wrap in burgundy and gold, M.K. bag. A painter’s eye for colour and line, still at 92, an inexhaustible will that craved,  More fresh air thru her always open window, more conversation, more outings, more time. End of poem. Credits and bio: Copyright © Cindy Maguire Cindy Maguire is co-founder of Toronto Poetry Circle, where poets and poetry lovers have been meeting monthly since 2013. Her poem, “umbrellas,” was runner-up for Arc Poetry’s Award of Awesomeness in January 2021. Cindy is also a Community Coordinator and Workshop Facilitator for Sister Writes, a creative writing program in Toronto.