Friendship in Midlife by Sarah Wolfson

Poem name: Friendship in Midlife Poet name: Sarah Wolfson Poem begins: 										Surprising and 								gelatinous: suddenly seeing 														an octopus 		 			up close. Arrives 					in the middle of things: marriages, diseases. 									Hesitates  							and flourishes in the uncertain pattern 											of a dog lost 													in the city of its own  					residence. Traffics 							in fractal, tentacle, 			 constellation, unset collarbone. Gets undone. Comes home. Rebuilds  			with interesting materials: 	lost socks, gills, old news. 							Allows moss  													to cover what it will. 											 Does not see lichen 													as decay but as a sign  					of good air. Like your 									grandmother’s 											enormous aloe:  		is prepared for burns but also just to grow 					     in whatever light is given. Shares a common grief for conflicting conditions:  							here an emptiness, there 					     an over-brimming. Sees 							a common nuthatch  													out different windows. End of poem. Credits and bio: Copyright © Sarah Wolfson Previously published in Sporklet (Issue 16, Summer 2021), a publication of Spork Press.  Sarah Wolfson is the author of A Common Name for Everything, which won the A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry from the Quebec Writers’ Federation. Her poems have appeared in Canadian and American journals including The Walrus, The Fiddlehead, TriQuarterly, CV2, Michigan Quarterly Review, and PRISM international. Originally from Vermont, she now lives and teaches writing in Montreal.