Heh Leaf by Joan Boxall

Poem name: Heh Leaf Poet name: Joan Boxall Poem begins: Heh Leaf! Fall out with me in one fell swoop— let this be your downfall.  Fall in line Fall apart, f(or) all I care. Fall into, fall off of, fall on hard lines (in your case, veins)  Fall out of something (with someone/something) Fall prey, fall flat. It’s as easy as falling  between the (wise)cracks. Fall over laughing on your midrib— divided (we fall).  And that leaves us, Leaf, as the ‘fallen ones’— September through November.  End of poem. Credits and bio: Copyright © Joan Boxall Previously published on joanboxall.com Joan Boxall is a retired English teacher turned creative non-fiction writer. She received a bachelor’s degree in physical education with an English and French major from the University of British Columbia. She taught English, French and PE to teens in Cranbrook and Delta before acquiring a TESL certificate in adult education. She contributes her non-fiction work regularly to Inspired 55+ Lifestyle Magazine. Caitlin Press published DrawBridge: Drawing Alongside My Brother’s Schizophrenia in 2019. She lives in North Vancouver.