Hope in High Park by Archana Sridhar

Poem name: Hope in High Park Poet name: Archana Sridhar Poem begins:  trudging along the ice the view cracks open into a sliver like a crescent moon parents and juice boxes for joyous children fifty meters on the clouds return under a snowy sky I peer through a camera aperture yielding to memory’s light  no snowsuits or masks on picnic blankets  the angle disappears but so does the sun  End of poem. Credits and bio: Copyright © Archana Sridhar  Archana Sridhar is a South Asian poet and university administrator in Toronto, Canada. Archana focuses on themes of meditation, race, motherhood, and diaspora in her poetry and flash writing. Her work has been featured in The Puritan, The Hellebore, Barren Magazine, and elsewhere. Her chapbook “Renderings” is available through 845 Press, and her writing can be found at www.archanasridhar.com.