I am drinking yellow flowers by K.V. Skene

Poem title: I am drinking yellow flowers Poet name: K.V. Skene Poem: After ‘At the Quinte Hotel’ – Al Purdy daffodils forsythia marsh marigolds the mellow meadow vetchling last years’ dandelion wine yesterday I unfriended facebook trashed twitter unplugged the TV and hit the road less travelled today I am drinking buttercups loosestrife birdsfoot trefoil celandine so long ago my honeysuckle days so short my sunflower years End of poem. Credits and Bio: Copyright © K.V. Skene Previously published in The Poetry Society Newsletter (UK) (Autumn, 2018). K.V. Skene’s poetry has appeared in Canada, US, UK, Australia, Austria, Ireland, India, Cuba and China. Her most recent publications are Unoriginal Sins, erbacce-press (UK) 2018 and The Love Life of Bus Shelters, Cinnamon Press (UK) 2019.