I am what becomes of broken branch

I am what becomes of broken branch

A Collection of Voices by Indigenous Poets in Canada

Edited by Rita Bouvier


Michelle Brown, Kirk Bueckert, Carol Casey, Colleen Charlette, and Cooper Skjeie

From the introduction

It is often stated that the voice of an individual is as unique and distinct as a fingerprint. In poetry it is described as “that unmistakeable something” – a unique presence and way of saying things on the page or the stage for the spoken word artists. It holds true in this poetry chapbook series dedicated to Indigenous poets. Each poet’s work was unmistakable— subject matter, word choices, images created for the reader, imagination at work and a sense of consciousness of life around them. 

I hope you enjoy the poetry as I did; sit with the poets a while and enter into the places they take you in their imaginations and yours.